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Adjustment of Status for DACA Beneficiaries:
Unlocking the Path to a Green Card


For DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) beneficiaries, the journey toward obtaining a green card can be challenging, but it is made possible through a process known as "Adjustment of Status" (AOS). This process can be a game-changer for DACA recipients, offering them a chance to secure their future in the country they call home. Adjustment of Status is the process through which individuals already present in the United States can apply for lawful permanent residency without the need to leave the country. Unlike consular processing, which involves obtaining a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad, AOS allows eligible individuals to complete their green card application entirely within the United States.

Who can petition DACA recipients for a green card through AOS?

Qualifying Relatives For Adjustment Of Status:

  • U.S. Citizen Spouse

  • US Citizen child over 21+

The following petitioners do not qualify for Adjustment of Status:

  • Parents

  • Employer

  • Legal Permanent Resident Spouse

  • Siblings

The only way to do AOS through Employment Sponsorship is if you are covered under 245i.

The Benefits of Adjustment of Status for Dreamers:


Legal Permanent Residency:

The most obvious benefit of AOS for DACA beneficiaries is the opportunity to obtain lawful permanent residency. This status offers stability, security, and a pathway to citizenship, allowing them to build a life in the United States free from the fear of


Family Reunification:

DACA beneficiaries who secure green cards through AOS can potentially sponsor family members for their own green cards, facilitating family reunification.


Travel Freedom:

Once an AOS application is filed, DACA beneficiaries can apply for a "combo card" at no additional charge. This is known as an "advance parole document" to travel internationally. This opens up opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Path to Citizenship:

After holding lawful permanent resident status for a specified period, DACA beneficiaries may be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship, further solidifying their ties to the United States.

Adjustment of Status stands as a crucial legal avenue for DACA beneficiaries aiming to shift from temporary protection to permanent residency within the United States. Through the acquisition of legal entry facilitated by advance parole and the fulfillment of requisite eligibility criteria, DACA recipients gain access to a myriad of advantages. These include improved employment prospects, greater freedom to travel, and the opportunity to construct a more secure future within the nation they consider home. While the journey toward AOS may entail its share of challenges and uncertainties, it ultimately holds the potential to promise a more promising and stable future for DACA beneficiaries and their families. We are here to assist you on this journey, offering adjustment of status free resources, packet reviews and comprehensive preparations.

Dreamers2gether was a huge resource for me as well as other members of this group. I used the guides and the cover letter template provided in this group. I was also fortunate enough to be able to schedule an AOS packet review through this organization.

Leslie M.

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